Golden Goose Sneakers amazing feeling here

May 10 to Jun 8 12:00 am

On Monday's CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer shared his thoughts on Barack Obama's inauguration and made this comparison: people just want to be a part of it. It like who wouldn want to be a part of it if you could have been there when Lincoln gave one of his addresses or something really do feel this is a moment in history. And they want to be part of it. co-host Harry Smith observed: there is an amazing feeling here, especially contrast with the feeling of eight years ago. Schieffer agreed: it really was, because don forget, you had that really difficult thing down in Florida. People were not convinced. Some people were not convinced that George Bush really was legitimately- Smith interjected: not convinced. Schieffer continued: president. There was a lot of rancor. People had fun, they came up, and but nothing like the spirit that you see here is a real spirit here. I never seen anything quite like it. later Golden Goose Sneakers declared: here from Canada, California, Colorado, Ohio. They from all over the country. Every color of the rainbow. And there really is a sense of togetherness, of unity. He then concluded the segment by exclaiming: really is that sort of a sense of E. Pluribus Unum, right? of many, one. Schieffer agreed: really is.